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Download free whatsapp plus versions at WasPlus

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Download WhatsApp Plus versions Latest version 2022. With the latest version of WhatsApp + you will be able to message, call each other, share files and enjoy all the features of WhatsApp. Also, you want to personalize your WhatsApp? WhatsApp Plus is a mod that allows you to do so. Before we go into more detail, you might want to check out other mods at Wasplus.com
WhatsApp Plus is a secure version similar to WhatsApp , it has many new features, with the WhatsApp app you can use 2 on the same device, and it always offers new updates with these amazing features. Communicating just got easier with WhatsApp Plus - Easier - New features - More privacy - Hide your visa for the last time - Stickers - Group video calls and more! (Full free version without ads or pop-ups)

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